Bluprynt's mission -- to revolutionize transparency in digital assets, and upgrade disclosure in traditional capital markets.
In a June 2022 article on crypto asset disclosures published by the Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law and Policy, Georgetown law professor Chris Brummer observed that for new digital services and financial instruments to be accepted, and acceptable, upgrades to disclosure were necessary. In short, there was a need, for merging “manufacture and disclosure.” His idea struck a cord—from some of the most decentralized corners of the internet to centers of power in Congress.

Following the publication of his research, which was cited in subsequent news media, agency reports, and Congressional testimony, Brummer set about making the case for generating data about what disclosures were needed, what prospective holders and investors knew—and what they wanted to know.  That in turn led him to an appreciation that disclosure itself needed to be revamped, not only for crypto markets, but for capital markets more generally.  The intuition would move him to create Bluprynt, the world’s first disclosure company for digital assets, in October 2023.

Backed by some of the world’s leading technology companies and regulatory authorities, Bluprynt’s mission lies at the heart of not only crypto markets, but traditional ones as well:  to provide market leading tools for revolutionizing transparency in digital assets and services, and along the way, redefine what disclosure means in our traditional capital markets.